More Details About Our Air Duct Sanitizing Services

A1 Red Carpet Inc is a fully insured and licensed contractor that you should definitely contact if you live in or around Denver, CO area and need quality, yet affordable, HVAC services. You can find more general information on all the services we offer, on our Homepage. Stay here for more details about the air duct sanitizing service and why it is important.

Is Duct Cleaning Necessary?

The short answer is – not on a regular basis. However, we recommend benefiting from our professional air duct sanitizing services if your home was recently remodeled. In projects like this, there is a significant amount of dust produced, which may clog the duct. If you notice animals nesting near your ducts or HVAC you should also think about a duct cleaning service. If you are facing mold growth in the house, chances you have it in your air duct too. This can cause serious allergy-related illnesses, so think about your health too, and call a professional contractor to deal with your HVAC duct cleanliness.

How We Do It

We rarely offer just an air duct sanitizing service. Whenever you are contacting a professional, you should benefit from full-service maintenance. We will check your entire unit and make sure we clean the whole system whether it is just an AC, heater or HVAC. We always give written estimates and charge what we quoted! As a reputable contractor, we are fully licensed and insured in the state. We have been in business since 1979 and guarantee satisfying services, fast response, and affordable rates. Speaking of prices, we offer 10% off for seniors, veterans, and military.

Based in Denver, CO, A1 Red Carpet Inc is the company to contact whenever you need fast and efficient HVAC services. Give us a call at (303) 353-1637 for estimates, appointments, and more information 24/7!

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