The Basics of a Water Restoration Process

What Does a Water Damage Restoration Process Incorporate?

Water is something we cannot survive without. But it could also have a devastating effect if we are not careful about its usage. Hundreds of families experience floods in America every year. If you become a victim of such an event, you should not panic but call the local water damage restoration professionals.

What can they do for you?

Quick response. In such cases, receiving a speedy response from a legitimate company is critical. The combination of excellent customer service and swift reactions is what you need in such an emergency situation.

Evaluation. After the specialists arrive in your home, they will perform a damage assessment. Determining the scope of your home’s damage will help them figure out what restoration approaches they will implement later on. A team of experts will walk around your house to check the condition of your walls, floors, curtains, basement, etc. Identifying the type of water is vital too. Do you have flooding with clean tap water or contaminated one from your sewage?

Water extraction. Now, it is time for action. Specialists will move out furniture and other home belongings of yours to have an easier access to your carpets and walls. They will utilize powerful truck-mounted pumps and vacuum units to remove moisture from your house in a timely manner. The actual water removal process includes quick extraction from all areas it is in present.

Drying and dehumidification. After the water has been removed successfully, water damage restoration professionals will dry out all carpets, rugs, and floors, as well as reduce the humidity level in your home. These tasks are performed with the help of special machines, called dehumidifiers. Monitoring the progress of their work is essential.

Cleaning and restoration. This is the final step. A legitimate contractor knows how to clean and sanitize all areas in your home, especially if they were polluted with contaminated water. They may use dry cleaning, wet cleaning, foam cleaning, and more. Odor removal and deodorization are very important.

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