Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Welcome to A1 Red Carpet Inc! You are about to get professional carpet cleaning service from a company that has been in business since 1979. Our shop in Denver, CO has a team of dedicated professionals that is ready to provide with impeccable service that you won’t find anywhere else.

Reliable Service

Many homeowners sometimes overlook the value of getting carpet care services from a professional carpet cleaning company. Although vacuuming your carpet is a good solution for cleaning, it will not remove dirt and debris entirely. Sometimes there are dirt and debris hidden deep in your carpet fibers that only a professional carpet cleaning company can remove. Our technicians use advanced equipment that will remove dirt and debris from any type of carpet. Besides dirt, our carpet cleaning service will also remove stains and spills. We will completely clean your carpet, which means that we will also remove hair, bacteria, and dust mites. We use special equipment to find and remove problems from your carpets.

Excellent Service from Start to Finish

We don’t start cleaning your carpet right away. Our technicians will perform prevacuum and pretreatment measures first before cleaning your carpet. This procedure will prepare your carpet for efficient cleaning. We use industry-standard vacuum cleaners to clean your carpets because it eliminates hair and dust efficiently. After we use a vacuum, we will use a concentrated cleaner that will break down dirt that is found even in the hardest to reach areas. After the cleaning chemical sits on your carpet for a while, we will then use an industry-standard remover on all areas that have tough stains. If you see any problems after we are done cleaning your carpet with our carpet care service, we are more than happy to go back to your home and provide additional cleaning.

A1 Red Carpet Inc is the company that you can trust if you are looking for professional and reliable carpet cleaning service. Call us now at (303) 353-1637, or you can also visit us at Denver, CO.

A1 Red Carpet Inc
Address: 7755 East Quincy Avenue Denver, CO 80237
Phone: (303) 353-1637

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