What Does a Carpet Cleaning Service Expert Do?

A carpet cleaning service expert is exactly what the name suggests, a professional that cleans carpets. But, most of them come with various skills that help them perform their job successfully. They must have a good knowledge on the different kinds of carpet fibres and how they will react to cleaning chemicals. There are a number of peripheral tasks also. However, this will vary among the different companies.

Most technicians work for small companies that clean residential homes. This kind of work involves having the technical skill to clean carpets, and it requires good customer service knowledge. Normally, a residential cleaning is performed by only one technician, and their company could expect them to sell extra services if possible. Physical fitness is vital a professional will be carrying cleaning equipment, sometimes weighing in excess of 50 pounds while navigating stairs many times a day. In a normal day, the expert will have to bend, crawl, stoop, push and pull equipment, possibly lift and move heavy furniture and stand for many hours in a day.

Another common place for a carpet cleaning service to be seen is in a commercial space. This kind of cleaning is normally performed when a company is closed, usually during the evening or weekends. Moving furniture may not be needed, and commercial cleaning tasks will have a team of two or more technicians. In bigger organizations who employ their own cleaning department, like hospitals, any carpet cleaning will be the duties of their janitorial staff.

In smaller companies, the individual that does the carpet cleaning could perform various other tasks, such as answering phones and even booking appointments, selling extra services, and filling out paperwork. Should the technician be driving a company vehicle, routine maintenance on this, plus the carpet cleaning equipment could be part of their job description. Ordering supplies and taking care of the inventory are extra duties which also may fall on the technician.

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