What to Do before Professional Cleaners Arrive at Your Home

Carpet & upholstery cleaning is an important task that should be done on a regular basis. If you have already come to the conclusion that it is about time to get your upholstered furniture cleaned professionally, then you should know that the whole process can go a lot easier if you do some important preparation in advance. Upholstery cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore anymore. Check these steps:

Provide clear and easy access. This is very important. The day when you have an appointment, provide easy access on the driveway in front of your house. Please be advised that cleaners will arrive with heavy equipment that can be carried only by a vehicle. So, allow them to park it as close to your house as possible.

Vacuum your upholstery. In order to achieve excellent final results and boost the process of expert cleaning, try to clean yourself all upholstered furniture prior the specialists’ arrival. Vacuum them and clean them from all food leftovers, crumbs, and try to wash away spills. Plus, remove all valuable and breakable items.

Inspect your own upholstered furniture. Do you sense bad odor? Are there any spots on them? Or maybe you want to remove some stubborn stains and protect them from discoloration? To make sure they remain clean and beautiful, point the problematic areas to the professionals you have hired and ask them to pay special attention. Also, if you know the nature of each stain, it will be good to let them know so that they focus on eliminating them.

Make sure you move away your pets temporarily. Your pets are lovely members of your family. However, some cleaning methods include the use of hot steam, and they can be injured if they are around. Besides, they could be a huge distraction. Same applies for your small children. Furthermore, once your upholstery is cleaned, it will need time to dry completely before your dogs and cats go on their favorite spots again.

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