Remove the Pet Stains from Your Carpet

Over seventy percent of Americans have a pet at home, and most of them live inside the house, at least during the winter time. In this blog post, we will show you how to remove pet stains from carpets. However, if your carpeting needs a special maintenance, you don’t have enough time or you prefer using your free time for something else, we recommend you to contact a professional carpet cleaning service.

The first thing you must do with any liquid or solid animal waste on the carpeting is to remove it with a dry-vac or with a broom. One of the biggest mistakes when cleaning a pet urine stain in the carpeting is to focus only on the surface of the carpet and not the padding below. Urine penetrates the surface and sits on the padding, so a steam carpet cleaning service will not penetrate the carpet and the odor will return after a couple of days.

To remove completely the odor and stain, put the carpet back down, wash the damaged area of the carpet with a mix of odor and stain remover. Let the solution sit for 30 minutes more or less, and then use a dry-vac to blot up the remaining solution.

These simple tips work only on light stains. If your carpet is heavily stained, you have 2 options: to call a professional carpet cleaning service provider or change the carpet for a new one. Always try to get it cleaned by a professional because installing a new carpeting is somewhat difficult if your room is not rectangular or square shaped.

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